Academic Publications

January 11, 2022 (Published) Journal article Open Access

Sustainable Ecotourism through Cutting-Edge Technologies

Pavlidis, George; Solomou, Alexandra; Stamouli, Spyridoula; Papavassiliou, Vassilis; Kritsis, Kosmas; Kiourt, Chairi; Sevetlidis, Vasileios; Karetsos, George; Trigas, Panayiotis; Kougioumoutzis, Konstantinos; Goula, Katerina; Proutsos, Nikolaos; Pistikos, George; Theodoridis, Yannis; Galanopoulos, Emmanouil; Paraskevas, Nikolaos; Foskolou, Ursula; Papadopoulos, Michael;

Tourism is a phenomenon that dates back to ancient times. Ancient Greek philosophers recognised, adopted, and promoted the concept of rest-based tourism. Ecotourism is a particular type of tourism that connects with activities that take place in nature, without harming it, along with the herbal and...

November 28, 2021 (Published) Conference paper Open Access

The value of Asteraceae family plants in a mountainous forest ecosystem of central

Solomou, Alexandra; Karetsos, George;

Greece holds a unique position concerning the number of plant species and subspecies compared to other global areas. This depends on the variety of habitats and geological history, climate conditions, and geographical position within the Mediterranean. Mt. Oiti is a mountain with high ecological i...

October 27, 2021 (Published) Journal article Open Access

GRASP-125: A Dataset for Greek Vascular Plant Recognition in Natural Environment

Kritsis, K.; Kiourt, K.; Stamouli, S.; Sevetlidis, V.; Solomou, A; Karetsos, G.; Katsouros, V.; Pavlidis, G.;

Plant identification from images has become a rapidly developing research field in com- puter vision and is particularly challenging due to the morphological complexity of plants. The availability of large databases of plant images, and the research advancements in image processing, pattern ...

December 4, 2020 (preprint) Conference paper Open Access

Vascular Plants of Oiti and Parnassos National Parks of Greece, as Important Components of Biodiversity and Touring Experiences

Solomou, Alexandra D.; Karetsos, George; Trigas, Panayiotis; Proutsos, Nikolaos; Avramidou, Evangelia V.; Korakaki, Evangelia; Kougioumoutzis, Konstantinos; Goula, Aikaterini; Pavlidis, George; Stamouli, Spyridoula; Tsagkari, Konstantina;

National Parks represent natural ecosystems whose biodiversity endows them not only with spectacular ecological and scientific value but also with a rich aesthetic and cultural value. Other apparent benefits of National Parks are in their potential for biodiversity conservation and in their appeal ...

October 6, 2019 (Published) Conference paper Open Access

Vascular plant diversity as a valuable tool for the ecological and cultural projection of the National Parks in Greece

Solomou, Alexandra; Karetsos, George; Trigas, Panayiotis; Proutsos, Nikolaos; Avramidou, Evangelia V.; Korakaki, Evangelia; Kougioumoutzis, Konstantinos; Tsagkari, Konstantina;

National Parks are natural areas that usually possess high ecological and cultural value. Their intact landscapes, the representativeness of their natural ecosystems and the high diversity of their biota give them outstanding ecological, aesthetic, cultural, educational and scientific values....